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We offer complete construction documentation with Photography, Videos, and Webcam services to capture all phases of your build. Our services promote transparency and accountability, documenting construction progress from groundbreaking through completion.

Multivista Construction Documentation

Table of Contents

  1. What is Multivista?
  2. Premier Platform & Technology
  3. Operational Expertise
  4. Offices in all Major Markets
  5. Top Questions to Ask
  6. Respected Partners

What is Multivista?

Multivista is your ultimate project documentation resource. Multivista's integrated online platform hosts all Multivista project photographs, videos, and webcam feeds throughout the life of your construction project.

We upload, link, manage and host all of project documentation for you and your project team. All you need to do is log in to your project's documentation portal to interact with your content and project team 24/7.

Multivista provides clients an independent third-party solution that delivers the most relevant, accurate and comprehensive project information available today. When you choose Multivista for your construction documentation, you are choosing a well-developed and respected project information platform.

We are local. There is a local Multivista principal owner in each area in which we operate. This means we have field personnel on the ground, dedicated to your project.

Powerful communication tool. Multivista helps all project stakeholders stay on track. View & Upload project photos with the The Multivista App to stay connected to your project from anywhere.

The Impact: Complete Documentation. Total Asset Visibility.

  • Easy access to complete documentation of your project
  • Communicate with all team members from within one system
  • Total Asset Visibility for project stakeholders
  • Invaluable for combating a wide variety of construction issues including schedule delays, change orders, and legal claims – just to name a few.

Premier Platform & Technology

Every aspect of the Multivista process is state-of-the-art. Our system was the first to digitize the construction documentation process. Multivista integrates leading edge digital equipment, photography, webcam feeds, hosting technology, redundancy practices, sharing and commenting functions, and sophisticated security parameters in order to deliver advanced documentation solutions.

We employ dedicated R&D teams to pioneer and validate new techniques so that our offerings are always evolving based on customer wants.

The Impact: State-of-the-art Systems. Secure Information. User-Friendly.

  • Dedicated, full-time top-tier programmers and engineers are in-house
  • Customizable Solutions for any client needs, including Military-grade Stand-Alone Deployments
  • Documentation that is intelligently indexed to your plans and accessible all in one place
  • From input to delivery, your information is hosted and secured by the best equipment and systems available.

Operational Expertise

Operating since 2003, Multivista was developed and continues to develop under a multi-faceted team with experienced professionals in fields of development, construction, finance, law, technology and marketing. All Multivista principals are engaged in the full-time management of the Multivista enterprise.

Our OSHA certified field teams are carefully selected from other trades in the construction industry, and are trained for operations by experienced managers within our company. Our trainers are documentation experts who have years of construction industry experience and participate in best practice training on an ongoing basis. This ensures that we maintain a level of expertise that is constantly evolving and advance documentation standards for quality and coverage across the organization.

Multivista knows how to capture the construction process in a meaningful way. This ensures that the service and system delivered is mindful of the issues that affect the construction industry, the applications the industry needs and, importantly, your bottom line.

The Impact: Years of Industry Experience

  • Our operations teams understand the construction industry
  • Consistent, accurate and user-friendly documentation
  • Years of experience in the field
  • Reliable, highly trained field teams are working with you.

Superior Service Level

Multivista's business structure ensures that there is a local Multivista managing principal in each region in which we operate. Our operations teams are always locally based. We know of no other construction documentation service with as many people on the ground in as many locations as Multivista.

Our operations and development teams are part of your team. Operations personnel will attend O/A/C meetings as frequently as you like to increase awareness of the system, teach applications, review progress and otherwise make sure you are maximizing the time and cost savings that Multivista provides.

We are immediately responsive to dynamic conditions and emergency situations requiring our services. In these situations, our Operations teams can usually be on-site with less than 2-hours notice.


Since 2003, Multivista has grown to include over 40 locations servicing all major areas in the United States and Canada and has been awarded over one billion of square feet of construction across ALL major vertical markets.

Local Operations in all major metropolitan areas of the following states and provinces: AL, AZ, CA, CO, D.C., FL, GA, IA, IL, LA, MA, MD, MN, MO, PA, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, SC, TX, TN, VA, WA, WI, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario.

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The Impact: Our Team Is Your Team

  • We have boots on the ground in every location we service.
  • Our service grows with you as your needs change.
  • Responsive to dynamic conditions and emergency situations.
  • Flexibility to accommodate ever-changing construction schedules.

10 Questions to Ask Any Construction Documentation Provider

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Respected Partners

GSA: Multivista's service is the only of its kind available on the GSA Schedule. Multivista can be found on the GSA IT-70 Technology Schedule in cooperation with our procurement partners, immixGroup Technologies and EC America.
Reference: EC America Schedule: GS-35F-0511T
Manufacturer: Multivista

ACIG: Multivista is one of only five firms nationally to obtain a purchasing agreement for members of the American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG). ACIG contractor membership requires the highest level of QA and Commissioning practices.

e-Builder: Multivista's partnership with e-Builder provides mutual clients of Multivista and e-Builder a level of integrated access to both systems, allowing for more efficient project management.

The Impact: The Depth of Your Experience Becomes the Scope of Our Services.

  • We have the client lists and testimonials to back up our experience claims.
  • Our volume allows us to compete more aggressively than any other documentation firm at any level.
  • More equals Less - EOS Pricing: Multivista provides large economies of scale discounts to clients with multiple projects and saves you the time and hassle of having to qualify new vendors.

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