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Find answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about Multivista. These questions have been divided into seven main topics to assist you with your search. If you cannot find your answer on this page, please Contact Us and we will make the information available to you ASAP!

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I. Who We Are
II. What We Do
III. Our Clients
IV. Our Technology
V. Employment
VI. Ownership
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Who We Are

Q: What is Multivista?
A: Multivista is the global leader in visual construction documentation, operating out of more than 40 office locations worldwide. Multivista provides documentation and technology services to construction projects in all major markets.

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Q: When was Multivista founded?
A: Multivista was founded in 2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Q: How did Multivista get its name?
A: The name Multivista represents the many views of a project that our services provide: Multi = many; Vista = view.

Q: How big is Multivista?
A: Multivista has grown to over 40 offices worldwide and has contracted over one billion square feet of construction projects to date. (As of November 2013.)

Q: Is Multivista international?
A: Yes; Multivista currently operates internationally across North America and Europe.

Q: Where is Multivista located?
A: Multivista has office locations throughout the United States and Canada and most recently added an office in Scotland.

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Q: Where is Multivista’s Corporate Headquarters?
A: Multivista’s corporate headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Q: Is Multivista a franchise operation?
A: Yes; Multivista operates a franchise business structure. Multivista franchise owners and personnel receive in-depth training in all aspects of Multivista business, technology and field operations from Multivista Corporate. The Multivista Corporate/Franchise relationship is an ongoing collaboration, ensuring that all Multivista clients receive the same reliable, quality service, regardless of project location.

See Business Opportunities – Franchising for more information.

Q: How/Why was Multivista founded?
A: Founding partner and Multivista CEO, Luis Pascual, working as an electrician in the construction industry faced the challenge of determining what was behind the wall once the drywall was installed. Frequently, the inability to locate the systems behind wallboard required expensive destructive testing to identify, verify and correct issues. He came to realize that by using photos to capture a construction project at specific points, guesswork and destructive testing could be avoided.

Graham Twigg, currently Chief Technical Officer and also a founding partner, envisioned a system where those same photographs could be linked to their exact locations on corresponding project blueprints – creating a complete, indexed, visual record of the project throughout construction progress. Pascual and Twigg combined their vision, effort and expertise to create the Multivista Documentation Software (MDS) system.

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What We Do

Q: What does Multivista do?
A: Multivista is a visual documentation technology company that provides photo, video and webcam services to the construction industry. Inspection-grade, digital photography is indexed to architectural plans by time and location, preserving a perfect record of every aspect of the project life cycle. Capturing live and dynamic project activity, Multivista’s construction webcam and video services complete the total documentation package. All photo, video and webcam data is integrated into one robust, online platform customizable to fit the daily workflow and needs of every project stakeholder.

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Q: What kind of photographs does Multivista use?
A: Multivista uses high-resolution, inspection-grade digital photographs. The photographs can be viewed online via the Multivista Documentation Software system while construction is in progress and via hard drive (provided by Multivista) once construction is complete.

Q: How does Multivista differ from or compare to the competition?
A: Every aspect of Multivista’s process is state-of-the-art. Multivista’s platform for visual construction documentation was the first in the industry, and remains the only option robust enough to be viable for commercial, industrial and institutional projects of any scale. Multivista documentation is inspection-grade and utilizes leading edge digital technology and equipment. We know of no other construction documentation platform that can support the volume of data that Multivista handles every day.

Multivista is a company that greatly values relationships. All of the Multivista principles are engaged in the full-time management of Multivista, and the original programmers guide our technology. There is a Multivista franchise principal present in every location in which we do business, and our operations teams are always locally-based. Multivista invests a great deal of time and energy into the training and continued, cooperative interaction with our corporate staff, franchise owners and their teams in order to ensure that Multivista continues to grow with clients’ needs and evolving technologies, providing the best services possible in all aspects.

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Q: What are some of the recent major projects documented by Multivista?
A: Click here to see a list of recent projects documented by Multivista.

Q: What markets does Multivista service/What kinds of construction projects does Multivista document?
A: Multivista’s documentation portfolio represents projects from virtually every vertical market in the construction industry, and is the leading provider of construction documentation in many diversified construction markets, such as: Healthcare, Education, Government, Commercial, Infrastructure and Residential.

Q: Does Multivista offer construction webcams?
A: Yes; Multivista offers and hosts a live-feed webcam service that allows 24/7 remote project viewing via the web-based Multivista Documentation Software platform.

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Q: Does Multivista offer video services?
A: Yes; Multivista video captures live project events in a digital video format that includes audio. Multivista videos are used for a wide variety of dynamic events, such as building walk-throughs, project turnovers and equipment training.

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Our Clients

Q: What are some of Multivista’s biggest/most active clients?
A: Click here to see a list of Multivista clients.

Q: What types of clients hire Multivista?
A: Multivista’s clients include construction professionals and project stakeholders, including: General Contractors, Developers, Building/Site Owners, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Insurance Carriers, City/State/Federal Government Agencies, Architects, Engineers and Attorneys.

Q: Do many clients use Multivista’s services more than once?
A: Many of our clients consider Multivista’s services essential, and use Multivista as best practice on all of their projects.

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Q: What do Multivista’s clients have to say about the service?
A: Click Here to read some Multivista Client Testimonials.

Q: Does Multivista specialize in any specific vertical market?
A: Multivista’s services are applicable to construction projects in any vertical market. Multivista’s strongest presence is in the Healthcare, Government and Higher Education markets, but we are also active in many others, including: Commercial, Transportation Utilities, Recreational, Industrial and Residential.

Q: Can I use Multivista’s services for a construction project in another state?
A: Yes! Because the Multivista Documentation Software system is a web-based application, you can log in and view Multivista’s visual documentation of your project from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Additionally, Multivista’s integrated communication and sharing features allow you to comment on photos and communicate with other authorized users on your Multivista documented projects, making Multivista a perfect “assistant” for managing projects remotely.

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Our Technology

Q: How does Multivista’s software work?
A: Multivista’s proprietary, cloud-based software, the Multivista Documentation Software system (MDS), contains your Multivista photographs, linked architectural drawings, Multivista webcam feeds, etc., throughout your construction project. We upload, link, manage and host all content, so all you need to do is log in and utilize the feature-rich web portal that allows you to view and interact with your content and your project team 24/7. Once your project is complete, we create a complete and functional offline copy of your content so that you can reference it any time throughout the life of your building.

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Q: What is “MDS?”
A: MDS is the acronym for the Multivista Documentation Software system, our state-of-the-art visual documentation platform. Through the MDS, Multivista links construction photographs to architectural drawings, indexing the photos by time and location, making those photos and linked drawings available 24/7 via the internet.

Q: Do I have to be on the construction site to view my project photos? Where can I access them?
A: Project photographs and linked drawings for your Multivista documented projects can be accessed remotely 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection. The Multivista Documentation Software system (MDS) securely houses your projects’ visual documentation throughout the life of the construction process. You can access the MDS password-protected Client Login directly from the Multivista Website or on your mobile device (smartphone, iPad or other tablet) via the Multivista App available on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Q: Can I access my Multivista projects on my smartphone or mobile device?
A: Yes! Download the Multivista App from the iTunes or Google Play stores to access your Multivista projects anytime, anywhere.

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Q: I am a current Multivista client; how do I access my projects?
A: Click here to go the secure Login Page.

Q: How many users can access my Multivista documented projects?
A: You can add as many or as few users as you want or need on each Multivista documented project. Each authorized user will be given a unique set of login credentials that can be used to access every project you allow, and only the project(s) you allow, via the Multivista Documentation Software system.

Q: Does Multivista provide Client Support?
A: Multivista prides itself on providing clients with a complete service experience, including Client Support for all of our tools, services and technology.

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Q: I’d like to join the Multivista Team; how do I apply for a job?
A: Click here to see our Multivista Jobs Page.

Q: Does Multivista only hire professional photographers?
A: No. Multivista values many different types of backgrounds and skill sets; most of our photographers only have amateur or recreational experience with photography. However, all of Multivista’s Certified Photographers have some experience in and/or knowledge of the construction industry. Construction photography can be effectively taught once a person has an understanding how the construction world and job sites work. Our OSHA certified field teams are carefully selected from other trades within the construction industry, and are trained by experienced managers within Multivista. Our trainers are documentation experts who have extensive construction industry experience and participate in ongoing best practice training, assuring continued excellence and continuity in documentation standards across the company.


Q: Who are Multivista’s Chief Executives/Owners?
A: Click here to read bios of the six Multivista Corporate Chief Executives.

Q: Who are the principal owners of Multivista franchises?
A: Multivista has a great team of Multivista franchise owners, also called licensed vendors; some of whom have branched out to open multiple franchise office locations to service entire Multivista regions.

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Q: What is Multivista’s stock symbol on the stock exchange?
A: Multivista does not have a stock symbol; it is not a publicly traded company.

Q: Can I buy Multivista stock?
A: No; Multivista is a privately owned company.

Contact Us

Q: How do I contact Multivista?
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