Our History

The Global Leader in Construction Documentation Since 2003

Co-founders Luis Pascual (CEO) and Graham Twigg (CTO), combining their respective expertise in the fields of construction and technology, created the Multivista System in 2002. The first generation Multivista Documentation Software was then, as it is today, an online, cloud-based solution for effectively delivering organized and comprehensive Photographic Construction Documentation.

In 2003, Wade Shaw (CFO) joined the partnership and was instrumental in defining the business model, resulting in a successful expansion of Multivista operations throughout North America. Mike Harvey (CSO), Jason Stadnik (CMO) and David Stadnik (COO) joined the team in 2007, to assist in further developing the service, sales and distribution model. By 2009 Multivista was servicing 21 locations across North America.

Multivista Today

As of today, together with its franchise owners, Multivista services over 40 locations with a growing team of dedicated professionals. True to the founder’s initial mission, Multivista continues to pioneer advanced solutions in order to deliver the most relevant, accurate and comprehensive project information to all industries that demand well-constructed, well-managed facilities.

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