Using Multivista can greatly reduce your team’s time spent traveling to and from the construction site for weekly construction progress walks, RFI responses and OAC meetings.

Save Time and Money with Multivista

The Multivista Exact-Built® system creates a comprehensive, time-indexed permanent record of your entire construction project, from ground-breaking through completion. By making your CAD files interactive using our proprietary software, your entire team will be able to securely access thousands of inspection-grade, high-resolution photographs instantly through a password-protected login on any internet connection.

Multivista can now help you with:

  • Accountability
  • Reference Tool
  • Remotely Monitor Progress
  • Future Project Planning

By having an independent 3rd party organization photographically document every square foot of your project at every stage of construction, you will get a better built facility with less change orders, higher quality installations, better as-built documentation and a complete record of your project should you have quality issues, schedule delays, invalidated change orders or a legal claim or dispute. The Multivista Exact-Built® system keeps your entire construction team accountable and provides a more transparent project to ensure you are getting what you paid for.