Natural Disasters – Expedite Recovery

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The number of major natural catastrophes has been on the rise worldwide since 2008 when 750 disasters, resulting in more than $150 billion of weather-related damages, were recorded. In 2010 a record of 950 disasters occurred worldwide.

 Natural disasters cause considerable property damage that results in claims with insurers for the repair of your facilities. Often it is only after the disaster, when they are tied up in the claims process, that project stakeholders understand the need for comprehensive photographic documentation of their buildings before damage occurs.

Multivista’s Exact-Built™ technology helps you preserve the pre-existing conditions of your facility before disaster strikes with our Existing Condition Exact-Built™ documentation.

This comprehensive shoot captures high-resolution, inspection-grade images of the existing conditions of your facility and indexes them to your facility’s architectural drawings. This provides you with a perfect memory of the building’s exact state before any damage occurs. Multivista’s Exact-Built™ documentation gives you the record necessary to prove pre-existing conditions to insurers or FEMA during the claims process that can lessen claim turnaround time and expedite recovery.

Record the exact condition of your facilities before the unexpected occurs with Multivista’s Existing Condition Exact-Built™ documentation.

The 5-year average for insured losses due to severe thunderstorms now stands at a record 7.2 billion.
From 1989 to 2008, hurricanes and tropical storms made up 46.9 percent of total catastrophic losses.