Upgrading Existing Facilities with Multivista

The General Services Administration earmarked over 9.2 billion for construction expenditures in Fiscal Year 2011.

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In recent years, owners in industries such as healthcare, education and commercial real estate have embraced the green trend, updating their old facilities to function as high-efficiency buildings.  In fact, a 2010 report from Pike Research in Boulder, Colorado shows that green building is on the rise worldwide, with certified green space anticipated to grow to 53 billion square feet by 2020.

 The Multivista Exact-Built™ system acts as your complete renovation hub. Our state-of-the-art online documentation system links high-resolution, inspection-grade images to your architectural drawings and indexes them by both time and location. Capturing the renovation process from start to finish, Multivista memorializes your project’s development, including the installation conditions of all systems, inside and out. Features such as TeamTalk™ and 4-View Print & Email help stakeholders collaborate and share project updates, providing a detailed facility management tool that can serve as a point of reference over the life of the project and for future renovations.

GSA New Bern Courthouse Renovation & Addition, New Bern, NC

Multivista Standard Renovation Scope:

Pre-Existing Conditions Exact-Built™ – an exhaustive sweep of a project designed to capture every detail of the project in its current condition before any further work commences. Our detailed shoot will give you a “bright line” as to where one project stopped and the next began.

Interior Progressions – broadly tracks the improvements of interior work from logical perspectives, providing comprehensive coverage of the various trades coming together over time.

Exterior Progressions – taken from key perspectives along site perimeters and 360 degrees around the building envelope during construction. The Exterior Progressions are indexed by time and location so you can remotely track the progress of your addition or expansion from start to finish.

MEP Exact-Built™ – documents the post-inspection, pre-insulation conditions of all Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) and all other systems in walls and ceilings, providing you a virtual x-ray of system locations, making them easily identifiable for future renovations.

Finished Interior Exact-Built™ – captures all walls, ceilings, and floors in their post-inspection, completed condition. (This would capture the finalized renovation.)

Finished Elevation Exact-Built™ – provides increased concentration of photographs, memorializing the EIFS or architectural detailing, flashing, or other window-system details of the exterior envelope of your addition.