Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.


Construction Defect Prevention

Multivista enables commercial clients to quickly and effectively catch small defects before they become major problems. With Multivista, you can virtually deconstruct your project to determine where a problem is and to what extent the problem exists. This can reduce or eliminate the typical physical destructive verification and allows for quick dispute resolution.


Scheduling Delays

Many commercial projects, such as retail facilities, have a fixed date for their ‘grand opening’, and therefore need the space to be ready on time. Multivista allows you to verify that the project is on schedule and, if it is not, identify the cause of the delay. Delays can result in lost revenue, especially if the scheduled opening coincides with a specific event - like the holiday shopping season.


Maximize Asset Negotiation

Commercial facilities, such as office buildings, are often sold in their entirety by the owner-developer. Potential buyers will have many questions regarding the facility’s construction, operation, and associated expenses. Multivista’s visual as-built documentation can potentially increase the value of the asset at the negotiating table by removing unforeseen conditions and proving build quality.


Remote Monitoring

It is exceedingly difficult to manage projects from a distance. Multivista supplements on-site visits to ensure continual project monitoring, enhanced schedule tracking, and constant team collaboration. In addition, multiple projects can be viewed at any one time by multiple users using our online project portal - whether it be from their laptop, tablet or mobile device using the Multivista App.