Custom Homes

Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.



With Multivista, you can virtually reconstruct your project to help validate that the project is built as designed. You can also confirm construction progress and determine the cause and extent of an issue. This helps prevent unnecessary destructive verification and allows for quick dispute resolution by providing a date-stamped record of all work performed.


Build Quality

Multivista gives you complete project awareness and transparency. If and when a defect is discovered, you have the ability to quickly diagnose the problem and expedite the repair. Trade accountability is enhanced with the knowledge that the build is documented and frequent quality checks performed resulting in fewer shortcuts and better attention to detail. With Multivista’s construction progression documentation, a builder can prove build quality to help increase owner satisfaction or decrease buyer’s dissonance.


Builder Reputation

A builder’s craftsmanship and reputation are paramount to their success. Multivista helps verify the quality of materials used, the specialized build techniques employed, and that the design specifications were satisfied. In addition, a builder can include Multivista’s documentation in future bidding efforts as a showcase of the quality of workmanship and the transparency of the construction process. Future homeowners have the added benefit of a permanent, visual construction record to facilitate any rework or future renovation project.


Remote Monitoring

Whether you are on site or on the other side of the country, with Multivista you can monitor your project from anywhere at any time. Many custom housing builders have more than one project going at a time. Multiple projects can be viewed at any one time by multiple users via our online project portal - whether it be from a laptop, tablet or mobile device using the Multivista App.