Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.



Multivista’s project portal allows you to validate construction progress and helps verify project specifications during the build. Our tool provides a perfect visual record to help confirm and/or refute change orders. This simple process efficiently protects schedules and encourages preemptive action to preserve project continuity and reduce costly construction errors.


Facilities Management & Operations

Multivista provides a permanent record of a facility for future personnel, thereby closing the knowledge gap between construction and Facilities Management teams. Typically, the time required by facilities personnel to identify issues is tedious, costly, and time-consuming. Multivista gives all current and future facilities teams x-ray vision into every wall, floor, ceiling, and building envelope. This significantly reduces future management and construction costs associated with destructive testing and discovery.


Mitigate Low-bid Risks

With government projects, it is common to work with unfamiliar GCs and sub-trades. Multivista assists in determining why deadlines are missed and what has been completed to date. With consistent reference to your Multivista documentation, you can more effectively keep your project on point and easily confirm you are being billed for actual work completed.


Budget & Contingency Protection

Government projects often see multiple construction phases. Multivista’s Exact-Built® documentation facilitates team transitions and budget reassessments, and when used to diagnose and repair build defects during construction, helps mitigate budget overruns. With Multivista, you can improve your project’s transparency, protect your budget, and preserve your contingency fund.