Higher Education

Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.


Quality Assurance / Quality Control

On complex higher ed. projects, a comprehensive QA/QC program is essential. By integrating Multivista into any QA/QC program, instant visibility into quality and defect issues is attained and program validity achieved. Location-based, date-stamped photos allow project stakeholders to virtually walk an entire site, from past to present, to ensure your project standards and specifications are met.


Accurate As-Builts

As-built documents seldom represent actual as-built conditions, rendering these documents ineffective as a facility management tool. Multivista supplements traditional as-built documentation with our Exact-Built® documentation. Specifically, our platform links photos by date and location directly to architectural plans for a perfect record of how a facility came together. By integrating Multivista into your project management work flows, you fill in the blanks left by traditional as-builts and possess an extremely powerful Facility Management tool.


Remote Monitoring

Multivista supplements on-site visits to ensure continual project monitoring, enhanced schedule tracking, and constant team collaboration. In addition, multiple projects can be viewed at any one time by multiple users via our online project portal - whether it be from their laptop, tablet or mobile device using the Multivista App.


Facilities Management & Operations

Multivista provides a permanent record of a facility for future personnel, thereby closing the knowledge gap between construction and Facilities Management teams. Typically, the time required by facilities personnel to identify issues is tedious, costly, and time-consuming. Multivista gives all current and future facilities teams x-ray vision into every wall, floor, ceiling, and building envelope. This significantly reduces future management and construction costs associated with destructive testing and discovery.