Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.



Typically, industrial projects are completed quickly; the faster a facility is built, the faster it can begin manufacturing and earning profit. Multivista allows you to validate construction progress and helps verify project specifications during the build. Multivista provides helps to confirm and/or refute change orders, protect schedules, preserve project continuity, and reduce costly construction errors.


Equipment & Systems Installations

Prior to delivery, Multivista documents the construction necessary to complete equipment installations such as footings, slabs, and/or anchor systems. Multivista videographers can also capture the delivery, installation, and team training sessions. As a result, future facility managers have a permanent, historic record of all construction and installation activity.


Liability & Insurance

As industrial projects get larger and more complex, the exposure to liability and damages increases exponentially. In the event of a disaster, our documentation arms you with detailed proof of pre-existing conditions, systems, and equipment.  When you need it most, the evidence necessary to mitigate liability and expedite insurance claims is at your fingertips.


Remote Monitoring

It is exceedingly difficult to manage projects from a distance. Multivista supplements on-site visits to ensure continual project monitoring, enhanced schedule tracking, and constant team collaboration. In addition, multiple projects can be viewed at any one time by multiple users - whether it be from their laptop, tablet or mobile device.