K-12 Education

Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.


Costs of Ownership

The long-term cost of ownership of K-12 schools typically runs quite high. In fact, school districts spend approximately 75% of the original construction budget on maintenance over time. Multivista allows Facilities Management to locate any in-ceiling or wall system without destructive verification or downtime for the school. By pinpointing the infrastructure that is behind walls, slabs, and ceilings, the costs of repairing unnecessary damage are significantly reduced.


Structural Validations

Despite the significant liabilities carried by public schools, these types of construction projects have fixed budget restrictions such as choosing a general contractor that is the lowest bidder. Multivista mitigates risk by helping to validate structural build specifications and materials used are as originally specified. Multivista empowers users to fact-find easily using non-destructive methods.


Cost Controls

The majority of K-12 schools operate with limited budgets and are highly scrutinized. Therefore, the contingency budget must be safeguarded for actual site emergencies versus construction oversights, omissions, and mistakes that end up costing the client (i.e. change orders and unforeseen condition clauses). Multivista documents every square foot of your project to enhance QA/QC and control costs both during construction and over the life of the building.


Knowledge Loss

Proper facility and equipment maintenance is critical to ensuring that a school operates efficiently. Our documentation services accurately ‘remember’ how projects come together and are used as a reference, by the original facility manager or someone newly employed, when future maintenance and repairs are required. Our tool reduces knowledge loss that naturally occurs over the life of a building by providing an exact-record of how the project came together.