Multi-Family Residential

Multivista's construction documentation services significantly reduce or assist in resolving project pains before, during, and after construction.


Construction Defect Prevention

Multivista enables multi-family clients to quickly catch small defects before they become major problems. With multi-family projects, every unit is typically designed and built the same way and it becomes a nightmare when systemic problems develop in every building or every unit. By proactively using our tool to review your project’s documentation early and often, you can ensure consistent quality and quickly identify issues to prevent them from becoming systemic.


Seller Due Diligence

Multivista’s documentation can be presented to the buyer as part of the seller’s due diligence package. By having in-hand a permanent as-built record of the newly constructed building, the seller can effectively address any potential liabilities related to ‘Latent Defects’ or conditions that are no longer discoverable by reasonable inspection, future warranty issues, and potential lawsuits. This allows our clients to maximize the value of their assets at the negotiating table.


Facilities Management & Operations

The time required by facilities personnel to identify issues can be tedious and time-consuming. Multivista gives you x-ray vision into every wall, floor, ceiling, and building envelope. We deliver a comprehensive resource of your facility’s construction history accessible by all current and future facilities teams. Since many issues become evident within the first few months of occupancy, Multivista’s Exact-Built® images arm your team with relevant information from the start.


Remote Monitoring

Many owner-builders of multi-family projects have more than one project at a time, often in different cities and states. With Multivista, managers, executives, and any other approved users can access multiple projects from one online project portal. Our tool provides you with an effective means to remotely monitor and communicate the quality and progress of your project in real-time, reducing the risks and costs normally associated with completing multi-family projects.