Construction Technology

Multivista’s online documentation platform gives your entire team instant access to a complete photographic record of your construction project anytime, anywhere. We upload, link, manage and host all of your content to keep every angle of your project at your fingertips.

State-of-the-Art Construction Documentation

Multivista’s system was the first to digitize the construction documentation process integrating cutting-edge digital equipment, construction photography, live-streaming webcams, sharing/commenting functions, and security parameters to deliver advanced documentation solutions. This provides the most relevant, accurate and comprehensive project information to all industries.

Exclusive Online Software Makes Your Construction Drawings Interactive

Multivista’s exclusive web-based software, the Multivista Documentation Software system (we call it MDS, for short), contains your Multivista photographs, linked architectural drawings and Construction Webcam feeds throughout your construction project.

This feature-rich web portal links inspection grade photos to your project’s architectural drawings, indexed by both time and date, delivering access to your construction project’s documentation 24/7. This allows you to keep track of the construction process and interact with your project team at any time.

Once your project is complete, we create a complete and functional copy of your content so that you can reference it any time throughout the life of your building.