The Multivista Exact-Built® System

Offers complete “Visual As-Builts” of your project using photographic documentation performed at the critical milestones of construction.

Exact-Built Shoot Types

Site Survey Exact-Built® – Comprehensive documentation of all surrounding streets, curbs, sidewalks, landscaping, parking areas, with the ability to capture existing structures and neighboring facilities.

Pre-Slab Exact-Built® – This shoot type captures pre-slab work and conditions prior to pouring slabs and/or backfilling. Documentation can also be provided post-inspection, where necessary.

MEP Exact-Built® – Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and all other systems in walls and ceilings are documented post-inspection and before insulation, sheet rock and dry wall installation.

Elevation Exact-Built® – Captures conditions of all doors, windows and waterproofing areas of the exterior skin prior to cover-up.

Finished Interior Exact-Built® – At Certificate of Occupancy or other “finished” milestone, all walls, ceilings and floors in their post-inspection, completed condition are documented in exceptional detail.

Finished Elevation Exact-Built® – Customized to meet your needs, this shoot provides an increased concentration of photographs that allows for greater zoom capability and resolution on aesthetic, EIFS or architectural detailing.

BrightLine Exact-Built® – Also known as our “current condition” Exact-Built®, this is an exhaustive sweep of a project designed to capture every detail of the project in its current condition before any further work commences.

Custom Exact-Built® – If you have a construction drawing for it, the odds are that we can document it and combine it with our state-of-the art navigation and indexing systems.