Elevation Exact-Built®

Every door, window and waterproofing area conditions of the exterior skin are photographed after installation, just prior to cover-up.

Exact-Built® Photo Sets

Exact-Built® photo sets serve as “visual as-builts” which are performed at critical milestones during construction. They offer a higher concentration of photos and perspectives than the Progression shoots and/or focus on details of particular interest or importance to the Client.

Elevation Exact-Built® Photo Shoots

Waterproofing consultants take a sampling of photos, typically 1-5%, of windows, doors, and exterior waterproofing on construction projects. When you have a problem with your exterior skin, there is a 95-99% chance there is no documentation on where the damage is. Without Multivista you would have to perform destructive verification of the entire exterior skin assuming the problem was systemic. We document each door, window and waterproofing areas after installation just prior to cover-up and/or back-fill.