Pre-Slab Exact-Built®

Captures the pre-slab conditions prior to pouring slabs or backfilling.

Exact-Built® photo sets serve as “visual as-builts” which are performed at critical milestones during construction. They offer a higher concentration of photos and perspectives than the Progression shoots and/or focus on details of particular interest or importance to the Client.

Pre-Slab Photo Shoots

Pre-slab work will be documented post-inspection (where necessary) and prior to pouring slabs and/or backfilling. This process will include overlapping images of all in-slab work within the building envelope. If specified in the Scope, this can also include utilities enclosed in slab-on-deck in multi-story buildings.

Indexing and navigation is accomplished through a separate set of interactive site-utility plans and interfaces and, as needed, interactive plans specific to underground drainage, dry wells and/or underground retention systems.